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Boosting efficiency in post-production workflows by merging Media Library and DaVinci Resolve

Apart from being creative, the video production industry is also incredibly innovative. The ever-evolving challenges are quickly being solved by new tools made to support just about every step of the process, no matter how small. However, what really separates useful and productive add-ons from just another annoying tool can be distilled to one thing, integration. At ELEMENTS we have been designing all of our products, tools and features to be part of a larger ecosystem, which can efficiently communicate with professional applications, most notably NLEs such as…

Examining the requirements of MPA’s TPN, Netflix’s NPFP and the NIST Security Frameworks

Every modern post-production facility faces the same conundrum — How does one maximise remote collaboration and workflow effectiveness without compromising security. This is a tough question as these concepts often fall on different ends of the spectrum. Usually, the company would need to find a sweet spot in this balancing act and design their infrastructure and policies around it. Because not everyone addresses this topic with the same sense of importance, the giants of the media and entertainment industry have put forward their sets of best practices…

Examining an exciting new addition to Adobe Premiere Pro’s toolkit

The July 2021 release of Premiere Pro 15.4, much like typical minor version updates, features a small selection of new and very useful functions and fixes, which include:

  • Premiere now allows you to easily convert Legacy Titles into Source Graphic
  • Text layers can now have multiple shadows
  • Automatic audio device switching on Windows
  • Two to three times faster Scene Edit Detection
  • Team projects get faster saving, relinking and a progressive project loading function
  • Colour improvements

Apart from these updates, version 15.4 …

A smooth editing experience, no matter the resolution

With its extremely competitive price point, valuable features and great flexibility, DaVinci Resolve’s rise in popularity over the past few years has been staggering. No matter what function you may require, Resolve always seems to have you covered. However, just like with any other application, it is constrained by the capabilities of the machine it is running on. Below is a rundown of tips and tricks you can try out if you ever find Resolve is behaving in a less than perfect manner.

Thomas Grønning Knudsen, recently joined ELEMENTS as Head of Integrations & Security. Making the move from M2 Film in Denmark, Thomas brings with him over 20 years worth of industry experience and insight.

Having developed a love of technology from a very young age, Thomas’ curiosity, reverse engineering attitude and his desire to make the world a smarter one, have all been driving forces in his successful career to date. …

Understanding storage tiering can boost efficiency in your post-production workflows

Hybrid storage is a term that is often used by IT storage vendors to describe a storage environment that consists of multiple types of storage devices with mechanisms that determine when and how the data should be moved between them to ensure the highest-possible performance at an affordable price. Typically, a mix of Solid-State Drives (SSD) and Hard Disks (HDD) is used. …

Setup and tune your post-production network for maximum efficiency

The wide adoption of 10 to 100Gbit Ethernet technology has supported the amazing development of the media and entertainment industry and has allowed for workflows that would otherwise have been extremely hard to pull off. But in order to achieve the best possible performance from your high speed ethernet setup, efforts in installation and maintenance are required. In this blog, we will go over the things that you should keep in mind in order to achieve maximum performance with a 10Gbit Ethernet connection.

Do a sanity check

First thing’s first — be sure to check…

A summary of the new File System Pooling feature with example commands

Without further ado

Quantums StorNext file system has enabled a large number of post-production workflows over the years, so it’s no surprise that the release of a new version has a lot of people excited, including us. The most notable changes and additions in the newest version include another (separate) UI, a switch to a capacity-and subscription-based licensing model and the addition of the File System Pooling feature, which is the main focus of this article.

What is File System Pooling?

Due to the intensely high demands of modern media workflows, post-production houses are always on…

Tools, tips and tricks for organising remote media workflows

Journal entry #385: It has been more than a year now since the media and entertainment industry was abruptly thrust into the realm of remote work. During this time, some have been quicker to adapt than others to a whole new set of rules and laws governing this universe. While the educators of the industry have focused primarily on the technology to let us access our data as quickly and easily as possible, they have in most cases neglected one of the most important aspects of successful content creation — communication…

Solving performance issues when working with 4K 16-bit DPX

In recent years, we have witnessed a meteoric rise in video on demand platforms, that have revolutionised the way we consume content, through high-quality video productions. But the weight of these high-spec expectations unavoidably rests with the production companies, and in recent years, we have seen these companies regularly encountering one particular challenge — 4K 16-bit workflows.

Different steps in the post-production process have different requirements when it comes to the working footage. While editing for example, focuses primarily on the storyline and doesn’t necessarily demand detail-rich footage, the requirements of…


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